baklava  almonds, walnuts, vanilla creme anglaise  9

chocolate-cherry mousse torte  brandy, creme fraiche 9

lemon poppy seed cake  berries, meringue, strawberry sorbet 9

loukoumades  doughnuts, honey, rhubarb, blood orange sorbet  9

greek diner mint pie, cookies, creme de menthe, chantilly creme 9

ice cream & sorbet  seasonal flavors  7


all coffee selections are certified kosher

espresso cappuccino freddo  6

frappe  8

espresso  4/6

cappuccino  5

coffee  3

greek coffee  4

spiked coffee  becherovka, ginger-fennel syrup, ouzo whipped cream  10


green tea
moroccan mint  a classic blend of green tea and organic mint  5

black tea
organic earl grey  a Chinese black tea scented with oil of bergamot  5

organic chai    black tea ground with spices  5

herbal tea
organic star of africa  a south-african Rooibos tea; flavors of tropical fruits and ginger  5