served 3:00pm-7:00pm everyday in the bar area only

bites $6

dolmades  grape leaves, rice, pine nuts, grapes

marinated olives chili, kefalograviera, marcona almonds

fried greek potatoes  aleppo, oregano, greek island sauce

falafel  chickpea fritters, tahini

marinated octopus  cucumber, fresno, olives, lentils, parsley-caper puree

kolokithokeftedes  zucchini patties

mini lamb gyro  tzatziki, pickled pearl onions

pikilia $12

sampling of three spreads, served with flatbread


beer $5
daily selection…ask your bartender!

wine $6
daily selection: red/white/rose

cocktails $7

cuba libre dark rum, lime, indi organic cola
crazy bird vodka, cucumber, pineapple, honey, basil
bourbon rickey maple, fresh lime, sparkling water
gin & tonic gin, lime, seasonal indi tonic