Plumber Tips on Avoiding Drain Problems

Drain problems are not just gross and nasty, they are also terribly inconvenient and could cause the homeowner a significant expense. Plumbers and Water Heater Repair technicians say, a homeowner’s conscious effort to carefully use their drain system is the best way to avoid drainage-related problems.

Drainage problems are common in households.

Like lowering household expenses in Escondido, or electrical use, avoiding drain problems takes the effort of the whole household. Everyone has to cooperate so that the drain problem is kept at bay. Children are best trained to use the drains correctly so that they do not end up abusing their purpose. Kids should likewise know that the toilet flush mechanism is not a toy nor magic. 

Best Ways to Avoid Drainage Issues

The best way to avoid problems in a home drainage system is to care for it consistently and get your home inspected by best san diego plumber service. Refraining from using it as a catch-all for all kitchen and food waste is tantamount to giving the drainage system a death sentence. The starch, fat, and other substances found in food wastes and particles tend to bond together and form a blockage that could even emit a foul odor. This blockage can cause leaks and even cause bursting pipes. 

Pouring kitchen grease in the drains is very detrimental to the drainage systems too. When the fat hardens up and effectively blocks the whole diameter of the drainpipes. Some on the other hand stick to the wall of the pipes, and eventually harden and affect the integrity of the pipes.    

Preventing Drain Damage

Over the counter drain cleaning solutions may seem like a viable solution to slow and clogged drains, but these harsh chemicals do more harm than good. The chemicals contained in it are too strong that it could end up corroding the pipes. When used regularly, the drain pipes could leak due to the damage brought by the over the counter drain cleaning solutions. Use hot water and baking soda instead to clear drains, and an old-fashioned plunger and augur. If these steps do not work, then call an emergency plumber to unclog the drains. 

Moving forward, homeowners should install drain catchers to prevent food particles from getting into the drain pipes. Homeowners should also install Drain catchers in shower and tub areas to trap hair and soap bits. 

Signs of an Upcoming Plumbing Disaster 

Plumbing disasters are highly destructive to any property. It could mean damage to appliances, furniture, and even irreplaceable mementos. Fortunately, most home plumbing disasters are highly preventable. Plumbing experts say that with periodic plumbing maintenance, and good homeowner management, the chances of an occurrence of a plumbing catastrophe are highly reduced. 

Several signs point to an upcoming plumbing catastrophe. Homeowners should heed these signs to avoid irreversible and expensive home damage usually brought about by home flooding due to pipe bursts and sewer backups. 

Signs of a home plumbing problem

 Below are some of the signs of a home plumbing issue. Home plumbing experts say, property owners should immediately seek professional plumbing repair after noticing any of these signs to avoid plumbing disasters. Postponing the repairs, or attempting to self-troubleshoot will just make matters worse. The risks of hiring an unlicensed handyman to fix the plumbing issue, or do DIY work outweigh any benefit from doing so.     

Unpleasant odors from all the drains throughout the house

When every drain at home produces a foul odor, then it likely that there is a sewer issue that is threatening to wreak havoc on the whole property. If it smells like rotten eggs throughout the house, or worse sewer odor, get in touch with a reputable local plumber so that he could fix the problem right away. The malodor is most likely caused by bacterial growth in the drainage pipes that have started to produce hydrogen sulfide. 

Property-wide slow or clogged drains  

When the drains are clogged all over the house then it is a sign that the home sewer system is already malfunctioning and needs the immediate attention of a local plumber. The next thing that would happen if this was not remediated right away is a possible drainage backup that could flood a portion of the property. This is very unsanitary since it comes from the wastewater drains. 

Low water pressure

When the water pressure at home seems so low, but the neighbors are not having the same issue then there is a potential plumbing problem in the house. Low water pressure could mean several things but the most likely reason is a significant leak within the home piping system. It could also mean a broken pipe or a damaged water line. Get in touch with a local plumbing contractor to get the issue fixed before it causes significant water damage or home flooding. 

Pipe Corrosion

When there are apparent leaks in pipes behind the walls, signified by warping and water stains then homeowners should call for plumbing repair right away. Such trouble involving corroded pipes can cause mold and mildew growth and could encourage the presence of pests like cockroaches. 

Running water sounds

When water seems running on the pipes, and the homeowner can hear it then there is a significant leak that is most likely occurring behind the walls. Homeowners should not forego this issue as this could bloat utility bills right away. This can also cause water damage that is highly expensive to repair. 

Plumbing disasters are catastrophic in any home. It could lead to expensive carpet damage, appliance trouble, flooring damage, and injuries. Postponing plumbing repairs could also affect insurance claims since it will be seen as negligence on the part of the homeowner.