A leaking toilet is not just annoying given that they could leave pools of water in the bottom of the bowl or produce a leaking noise. Toilet leaks waste water, and in the process, increases utility bills. Homeowners should not shrug off toilet leak repairs, to avoid wasting water, and refrain from spending on expensive plumber repair.

While some leaks are obvious, some toilets are silent. These are leaks that do not leave a puddle of water on the bathroom floor, near the base of the toilet. These are leaks that are not too obvious and usually manifest through a surge in water bills. Through experience and tools, a good plumber company in san diego can confirm the existence of a toilet leak.

Checking for a silent toilet leak

There are several ways to confirm if the toilet is indeed leaking water and needs toilet repair. Below are some of the ways any homeowner can do, to check if there is a silent leak. If unsure as to how to test for a leak, the homeowner may call for plumbing services

  1. Dye toilet check. Homeowners can use the dye test to check if the toilet is leaking. The dye tablets are available at home improvement stores, and usually, each package comes with two tablets. The homeowner should just put one tablet in the toilet tank, and check if the water in the bowl will reflect the same color as the tablet.  If the water in the bowl is colored then the homeowner should call for a plumber.
  2. Pencil toilet test. The pencil check is an effective way to confirm if there is a leak in the toilet tank. The homeowner should draw a line inside the water tank to mark the water level inside. After drawing the line, he could then turn off the water supply for the toilet. After 30 minutes he should check his marking, and confirm whether the leak occurs at the refill valve, or is a result of a leak in the flush valve. If the water remains at the same level after half an hour, it means that the leak is because of the refill valve. If the water level is beneath the pencil mark then most likely, the leak is because of an issue in the flush valve.

While the plumber is servicing the toilet, the homeowners should take the opportunity to have their water heater repair, faucet repair, and shower repair if they need it. Learn more about water heaters here. Its always a good idea to replace your water heater before it gets too old and starts leaking.