Having the correct size of a water heater is important when it comes to ensuring a reliable supply of hot water. In households where the water heater tank sizing is incorrect, they tend to run out of hot water when they needed it most. Moreover, the heater will get easily worn out since it is pressured into producing more hot water than it can handle, prompting a need for plumber service. 

Households with tankless water heaters also need to ensure that they get the right size of the water heater. A plumbing contractor can easily determine the required size.

Water heater size for residential use

There are two ways to determine the correct size of a water heater. The first one is the “loose sizing” which usually refers to the number of members in the household to predict the correct size of the tank. While this is easier to compute, it is not as accurate as of the other method.

Unlike the other method of estimating the size of the tank to use, loose sizing does not take into consideration the maximum amount of water heater the household requires at a specific time. For this reason, some households may run out of hot water if every household member showers at the same time, or one member showers while the dishwasher is in use, and the clothes washer is running. Sometimes a water heater that is too old may start to leak. A leaking water heater should be replaced immediately.

More accurate way of measuring the correct size of water heater

The Federal Energy Management Program came up with a guideline where the homeowner should multiply the number of times a fixture is used, to their given estimate of how much hot water is needed per activity. Here are their approximations: Showering requires 10 gallons, hand dishwashing and food preparation about 4 gallons, using the automatic dishwasher takes about 6 gallons, and using the washing machine and clothes dryer requires about 7 gallons. This is usually the sizing option recommended by a plumbing repair company.

To help ensure the longevity of the water heating system in areas with a hard water supply, homeowners should consider installing a water softener system through an affordable plumbing company. Also if the household experiences clogged or slow drains, they should likewise consider drain cleaning services to avoid clogging and even a burst pipe due to a massive blockage.